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Hair Trends: Ombrè? Sombrè? Now Tortoise?!

There are so many hair color trends to choose from. Don’t fret! We’re here to clear up all the new hairy lingo.

This should help you avoid ending up with dip-dye instead of sun-kissed, or éscaille instead of sombrè.

Hair Trends: Ombrè? Sombrè? Now Tortoise?! #haircolor #balayage #highlights

With traditional foils, the highlights tend to be very uniform and chunky. That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of foiling. CHUNKY. Sure it was great when friends was airing on TV but those days are longgggg gone.

You wouldn’t wear the same dress for 10 years, so why not treat your hair to a new wardrobe as well?


Hair Trends: Ombrè? Sombrè? Now Tortoise?! #haircolor #balayage #highlights #giselehair #jessicabiel

Balayage. The word alone has more depth compared with foiling. Foil vs. Balayage. I know which one I’d choose and for all the right reasons.

Balayage means to sweep. The good sweep not like sweeping the floor. Put your broom away sweeping beauty. This is sweeping- smooth flowing locks.

The balayage is a freehand technique of painting the hair which creates a natural-looking color gradient. It is a more subtle result than foiling yet gives off a lot of contrast without the thought of chunky coming to mind. It’s a great way to lighten the hair gradually while still looking natural. When using foils, you work row to row which has a result that is sometimes too perfect and can look too constant.

Too many ducks in a row and you’ll be labelled as the goose.

Although, a combination of both foils and balayage will help the ladies who have very dark hair attain the contrast and depth they’re looking for.


Hair Trends: Ombrè? Sombrè? Now Tortoise?! #haircolor #balayage #highlights #ombrehair

The ombrè technique means to shade or shadow.

What is it with the French?! They always seem to be at the top of fashion.

I would classify this technique as the pioneer to all the other techniques we will touch on here.

This was the original trend setter. It kicked us off to a new era in hair fashion and for this we thank you ombrè. Bravo.

Finally, we had the freedom to relax on the touch-ups. Foils had us taking up residence in our beauty salons. Not that that’s a terrible thing, just hefty on the pocketbook. Who has pocketbooks really? It’s a purse!

The ombrè technique is also a free hand technique and is famously or in some cases infamously known for its dip-dyed or two toned signature touch. With a great stylist, even the most drastic of all color duos look fabulous.

This look is for the bold ladies looking for that twist of blonde or caramel fun in their lives. This style is common for brunettes ranging from black to light brown natural hair color. Although, blondes can easily carry this look off well, it just doesn’t translate as that bold for the blondies.

If you are going with the ombre it is extremely important to select your stylist with care. If you don’t you may end up looking like you bobbed for apples in a tub of bleach. And then you’re sporting a Wrongbè.

Hair Trends: Ombrè? Sombrè? Now Tortoise?! #haircolor #balayage #highlights #ombrehair #hairmeme

So what is the difference between sombrè and ombrè you ask?


Hair Trends: Ombrè? Sombrè? Now Tortoise?! #haircolor #balayage #highlights #auburnhair

The sombrè is, of course, French for dark. This translation somewhat makes sense although there is more highlight as well as more low light so? Dark light would have made more sense.

This technique is like the softer kinder sister of the ombrè. It still has the advantage of foregoing costly touch ups every week and also lends a more subtle natural look than the ombrè does. It still fades to a lighter tone on the ends but the highlights are higher and the low lights drop lower. There is not such a crisp line between the colors; it is more of a blended coercion of colors.

The Riviera/ Sun-Kissed

Hair Trends: Ombrè? Sombrè? Now Tortoise?! #haircolor #balayage #highlights #ombrehair #blondehair

The Riviera or Sun-kissed technique doesn’t have a French meaning, but don’t underestimate this beauty. Sun-kissed in English means to be made warm by the sun. It couldn’t be more fitting.

Picture a model surfer girl with tanned skin and what? Yes, the all too well-known sun-kissed hair. It’s the hair you wait all year round for. It’s the look you have when you come back from Christmas vacation and all your friends are pasty with monochromatic locks. But instead of waiting all year round for that vacation or summer weather all you need to do is head down to your stylist.

This style suits any skin tone, brunettes and blondes alike. The trick to the sun-kissed look is to only go 2-3 shades lighter than your natural hair and the stylist works with very clean lines and they keep highlights matching unlike foils.


Hair Trends: Ombrè? Sombrè? Now Tortoise?! #haircolor #balayage #highlights #ombrehair

The French are back on their game with this next technique.

The Tortoise technique comes from the word écaille meaning “tortoise shell.” It marries soft highlights with complementary dark and rich tones that melt into lighter tones at the tips! It’s a mix between the two toned signature mark of the ombres with a dash of balayage highlights throughout that creates a one of a kind style.

These locks focus on rich shades that create a brilliant graduation of color and depth. This is attained with a very feathered and jagged edge or edges of this multi- hued color.

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