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Initiated in-salon for instant repair.
Reactivated at home for continued results, up to 6 weeks.

Dull-looking hair, dryness, split ends, fading color, your hairdresser knows that all hair problems stem from one and only source: gradual and inevitable fiber damage.

To stop and reverse the deterioration process, L'Oréal Recherche Avancée has set a milestone in professional haircare treatments by developing the first long-lasting treatment to combat hair damage, for up to six weeks.

Until now, most of the beneficial haircare effects were eliminated in the first shampoo.

L'Oréal Research laboratories have developed APTYL 100, our first-ever technology capable of long-lasting repair of the hair fiber, the result of 15 years of research, with 15 pending patents. Thanks to APTYL 100, the complex can be reactivated for up to 4 washes and recharged at home for up to 6 weeks.

The performance of the APTYL 100 allows for an unprecedented performance in 3 steps: instant in-salon regeneration, at-home reactivation for up to 4 shampoos, and extended results up to 6 weeks with the RE-CHARGE.

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