Back To School Makeup Trends

School just started and plenty of teens are super excited about expressing their style through clothes, hair & makeup. You've probably learned a lot of tricks by now throughout the entire Summer, and you are eager to show off your skills in class, right? Well, how about you express your style by going for some of the trendiest makeup looks at the moment. Here are the top 5 back to school makeup trends. 1. A Lot Of Blush Hints of rosy and pink blush are an amazing & youthful trend. Women who aren't that big on blush should give it a chance. It will give your face some dimension as well as radiance. At the moment the monochromatic look is trending, which should also be your go-to style. How To

Top 5 Fall Hair Colors Which You'll Love In 2019

A slow pace of August makes you want to switch some things up the moment we step into September, doesn't it? September is a month of change, so why not think big and get a major hairdo? Although your vibrant yellow, pink or neon highlights have been a fun & bold choice for the beach and the summer season, it is time to get something a bit less high-maintenance. Plenty of women prefer low-lights & dark burgundy solutions. Keep on reading to find out what is going to be ''it'' this season! Top 5 Must-Have Fall Hair Colors 1. Honey Highlights For who: Women who love low-maintenance hairstyles. Especially for those who have a warm undertone. Honey highlights which are seamlessly placed & blended

The Best Nail Colors For Work, Vacation And Party

Looking for some of the prettiest nail polish colors? Are you off to a holiday getaway or a birthday party? Maybe you need a quick inspo for your wok nails? Either way, you will find 9 fun nail ideas which will suit any of these three events. Keep on reading and find your perfect shade! Top 3 Nail Shades For Your Work 1. Hot Red Manicure You can never go wrong with a hot red manicure. Women who love feminine options & who love classical nails will love this shade. Once paired up with a bright red lipstick these nails will pop even more! 2. French The most asked for nail design at every salon (including mine) is a french manicure. There is something just so classic, effortless & feminine that

Beginners Guide To Perfect Nails

Trying to look after your nails on your own can get challenging. Often women don't have the right set of tools on deck and that's why they like to visit nail salons. However, if you want to DIY and get beautiful nails on your own & at home, just read through this guide. Here's how to look after your nails & get them to the perfect healthy state! How Do Healthy Nails Look Like? You have pink or white nail plates Your cuticles are present & not cut Your nails & white tips are the same length They aren't peeling off They aren't red or inflamed Top 10 Must-Do Steps For Healthy Nails 1. Clean Nails & Hands Clean nails along with your hands are already half the job. You should remove all the trace

How To Choose Your Curling Wand Size?

Trying to curl your hair on your own can get difficult as well as confusing. However, on the other hand, women don't feel the need to spend hundreds of dollars weekly while getting their hair blow-dried & curled-up. If you feel like you're willing to master this skill I will share with you the right way on figuring out the perfect curling wand for your hair type & length. What Barrel Is The Best? Every curling iron has its barrel size which should correspond to your hair length. If your hair is shorter you will go for a shorter barrel and if your hair is long you should use a larger barrel. When purchasing your next favorite curling wand, make sure you take into consideration: Your hair thic

How To Find Your Beauty Style

Trying to figure yourself out and finding your personal style can be difficult. This is why during our teenage years or our twenties we experiment, a lot. Beauty changes, fashion industry evolves, and beauty brands are constantly coming out with several different beauty must-have items that can be so confusing to use. If you want to know what is the right way to do makeup and if there is only ''the one'' beauty style, keep on reading and find your answers down below. Learn To Emphasize & Love Your Best Features Finding your beauty style begins at learning over & over about your facial features as you age. What is it that you are most proud of and that you wish to emphasize? For so many women

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