Top 5 Best High-End Makeup Products

Ladies, splurging on some high-end makeup products is okay! If you feel like treating yourself every once in a while with something luxurious and out of the ordinary don't let anyone stop you. Women should have their holy-grail items which can turn their frown upside down after that long day at work, only in a matter of seconds! This summer, I've gathered some of the best makeup products for all of you to discover and use, so just keep on reading! Top 5 Completely Justified And Must-Have High-End Makeup Items 1. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation Giorgio Armani as a brand screams luxury on its own, and if you ask me one of his must-have makeup items has got to be the foundation. This is

Top 7 Must-Have Affordable Makeup Products

Are you on a budget? Or maybe you are trying to save up some money and not spend as much on makeup? Since we all know how expensive a full-face can be. We need to think about primers, mascaras, eye shadows, blushes, lipsticks, setting sprays and the list just goes on and on! Well, if you want to save some coin you are going to love this article! Here, I will review and present some of the best yet affordable makeup products which every woman will enjoy. These top 7 items can also come in handy as birthday presents, especially if you need a bulletproof solution since you can't really go wrong with these top 7. Top 7 Affordable Makeup Products 1. Maybelline Facestudio Master Prime This primer

What Are Parabens And Sulfates?

Are you all about natural skincare and makeup products? If not, would you ever hop onto this bandwagon? Many women aren't even aware of some compounds that are in our day to day items, yet they apply them heavily on top. If you want to know what are parabens & sulfates, as well as why they may be bad for you make sure you scroll through! Parabens Parabens are also known as preservatives. These work as anti-bacterial compounds which keep our products fresh & healthy. However, parabens have been linked to breast cancer tumors. Although they haven't been proven to cause cancer, they are still present in the body. This compound has been around for 60 years, and you can easily find it in everythi

Great Hairstyles For A Job Interview

What you do with your hair on the day of a job interview can be crucial for sealing the deal. Your appearance will say a lot about you, and you should invest time & effort into making yourself look presentable, professional, yet stylish. Here are the top 7 hairdos which you can go for when coming in for an interview. Top 7 Hairstyle Ideas For a Job Interview 1. Long, Sleek & Shiny For who: Women who have straight, thin & non-voluminous hair. How to: Wear your hair straight only if you have flat texture. However, make sure you apply a hefty amount of hairspray to give it more life & shine. You can rock this hairstyle no matter your hair color, or hair length. Just make sure you wear your hair

Beauty Tips For Moms On The Go

Being a workaholic mom who's always on the go has got to be the most challenging task. You experience sleepless nights, you drink way more coffee than you should, and you are always on a lookout for multi-purpose makeup solutions. So, in today's article, I thought I'd share some of my favorite tips & tricks regarding hair, makeup, skincare & nails! If you want to save a lot of time & some money, keep on reading! Top 8 Beauty Tips For Moms On The Go Hair Overnight Braids Who has time to wash their hair every second day? At this stage of your life, dry shampoo had probably become your best friend, and this is okay! What you can do is ignore your dry shampoo for once, and rather invest 5 minute

5 Tips to Keep Your Nails Strong

Brittle, short and damaged nails are often spotted on many girls and women who come to my salon. Poor habits such as nail biting or even picking can lead to damaging of your cuticles, which is why it is vital for you to stop doing it. Also, by getting frequent manicures, gel-polishes, as well as acrylic nails (which are the worst) you are not allowing your nails to rest and heal on their own. By not giving them enough of air, moisture, as well as proper nail-care you are slowing down their growth. So, in this article, I will teach you and show you my top 5 go-to tips for keeping your nails long and strong. Try to add all of them to your everyday activities and thank me later! Top 5 Tips For

5 Remedies For Hair Loss

As we get older our body goes through so many changes. We tend to gain weight, we become slower, and our hair tends to thin or fallout. This often happens due to poor diet, stress, or it can be hereditary. In some cases and with some women this is linked to over bleaching and over-coloring their hair, as well as pregnancies or postpartum. We tend to lose around 50-100 hair strands on a daily basis, which does sound like a lot. If you want to get more voluminous hair and you want to know how to handle it, this is the article for you! Say bye to root cover-up sprays and welcome your new baby hairs! Massage Your Scalp Massages can relax our mind, body & soul, as we all know it. However, these c

3 Best Brands Of Shampoo

Working with different kinds of shampoo is really interesting, but also often hard. As someone who has been in this field for years and years now, I think that I've finally figured out what my holy grails are. If you want to know what shampoos I swear by, and which are great for every hair type, you've come to the right place! Top 3 Best Brands Of Shampoo Loreal Professionnel Serie Expert Shampoo Volumetry Ideal for: Fine and flat hair Add volume and bounce to your hair by choosing this shampoo. It is a popular solution which adds shine, will purify your roots and will hydrate your scalp. Say bye to fine and flat hair and welcome your new volume! Thanks to its ingredients like clay and purif

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