Best Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

Summer is here, and you know what that means; a lot of beach waves! I love this season since almost all girls & women ask for ombre beachy hairstyles, which are actually my favorite to do. However, if you are not too sure which hair color can suit you, and you don't know which way to sway this article will help you battle out your fear of coloring your hair. Here is how to get the perfect hair color for your skin tone, with 3 basic rules. Current Season When it comes to undertones they fall under different categories. For instance, summer & fall are considered as warm undertones, while spring & winter are cool undertones. Usually, warmer hair colors are a lot more worn & spotted in the summe

Grow Perfect Hair for your Wedding

Perfect, long and healthy hair for your big wedding day can seem like mission impossible sometimes. I get all kinds of brides on a weekly basis, wondering and stressing about their ideal hairdo. Throughout the years I've learned what are some hair-care tips that every lady should follow along, especially if she craves silky smooth hair in the long-run. Here are my top 6 tricks on how to grow long & beautiful hair for your big day! Be Gentle To Your Hair Try to be gentle in terms of styling on an everyday basis. Keep your hair down & loose, and stay away from bobi pins, hair clips, and hair ties. Also, you should avoid any harsh chemicals, as well as hair dye & bleach if you want your hair to

Top 4 Go-To Makeup Looks For Prom

It's the prom season, and I know that many parents are excited about their girls graduating. On another note, I remember how thrilled I was when I had my first prom, and I also know how many excited teens come to my salon wishing for the ultimate glam up! If you are someone who knows exactly what to get this prom, great for you! However, if you are still indecisive, why not try out one of these five makeup looks which are perfect for the prom? Bold Lip Super dark goth lips are a huge statement piece which you can commit to, especially if you have naturally fuller & juicier lips. In order to balance out this lip only do darker & bolder eyebrows, but play it safe & minimal on the eye makeup. W

Dry Scalp Remedies

Ladies, in case you are experiencing some unpleasant dandruff, white flakes, or severe dryness of your scalp; you are exactly where you need to be! Every one of us will experience slight discomfort and changes on our scalp at one point in our lifetime, which can be prevented and fixed quick & easy, as well as with some at-home remedies. Here, I will let you in on a few of my top go-to solutions and will explain what you can do to fight unwanted flakes. Is It Just Dry, Or You Really Have Dandruff? Well, most of us will experience a slight change in our body, skin or hair in the winter due to low temperatures. Since cold air can dry out your skin, it can also dry out your scalp and cause it to

Top 3 Spring Makeup Looks

The Spring has sprung and I couldn't be more thrilled! There is just something about those rosy tones, the smell of grass, flowers, and most definitely- the ultimate climate! If you are a fan of this season like me and you want to embrace earthy & floral vibes in your wardrobe, as well as on your eyelids, you are exactly where you need to be! In this article, you will get to choose among 3 different Spring-perfect makeup looks, just keep on reading! Shimmer If you are a fan of 'extra' and you love attention and bold-seeking looks, I advise you pack on some shimmer. It is recommended for night-time looks and is my go-to makeup choice when I'm doing bridal or prom makeup. You should apply pure

Spring Hair Cut Trends

Every year as well as every season something new pops in the beauty industry, and swops women off their feet. This year thus far that's been bright neon for most of us, but now as we are slowly transitioning into the Spring season where we'll be switching to something else. For most of us, Spring means changing your hair & giving it some new colorful highlights, but also embracing fashion-forward trends & styles. At the moment we can thank many high-end fashion shows as well as our favorite celebrities for bringing some old-school styles up on the scene (such as the 70's shag), which we will talk about down below. So, if you are thinking about switching your hairstyle and you want to stay tr

Get Rid Of Dandruff

Dandruff is that little something-something which all of us will occasionally experience. Believe it or not, every other customer which I work with at my salon does have dandruff. This is a case of the itchy scalp which often flakes and causes a small little white mess on your clothes and along your hair. If you are fed up with dandruff and you want to remove it I will let you in on a couple of natural & safe remedies which can temporarily vanish it. Why Do You Have Dandruff? Sometimes we do ask ourselves this, and in most cases, I've realized that my clients are either: a) Experiencing oily, clogged, or irritated scalp b) Do have a condition called Seborrheic Dermatitis c) Have a fungal inf

2019 Bridal Makeup

Summer is almost here, which means beautiful warm water, blossomed flowers, and weddings! I usually do the most amount of bridal makeup in Spring & Summer, which is why I thought that this article could be beneficial for so many brides-to-be. Here, I will let you in on the top 4 makeup trends which we'll be seeing a lot in 2019, just keep on reading! No Makeup Look Minimalistic makeup has been a thing ever since the royal wedding. Megan Markle looked so gorgeous with her glow-from-within, which is why women worldwide have been following the same trend. If you are confident with your skin's texture, you don't have a lot of breakouts, and you love subtle and sheer looks, this one will suit you

Different types of Balayage Styles

One of my favorite go-to hairstyles for women of all ages is balayage. It is effortlessly beautiful, it doesn't damage your hair as much, and it can suit everyone! I usually love seeing it on brides, but also on virgin hair since highlights on chemically un-treated hair can look so lovely! If you are thinking about getting balayage done anytime soon, I will present you with a few different color choices. What Is Balayage Balayage was created by a French hairstylist sometimes in the 70s, and it is a technique in which a hair expert freely sweeps colors to your hair. By the way, did you know that balayage means 'to sweep' in French? Anyways, this is a subtle coloring technique which won't comp

2019 Bridal Hairstyles

If you are getting married sometimes this year first of all congratulations, and second of all; you've come to the right place! Here, I will explain and list the top 6 must-have bridal hairstyles which will be huge this year. These have been highly talked about and loved on the runway, but also in high-end magazines, so just keep on reading! Flower Crowns A classic updo with a lot of floral elements will look great on every bride-to-be! These fashionable flower crowns are very reminiscent of Ancient Greece and are ideal for brides who love extravagant looks. This trend will allow you to embrace your fierce style by getting a large crown with vibrant artificial and natural flowers. I'd recomm

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