Fashion In 2019

Since Fashion Week is the most popular and talked about event at the moment, I thought about giving into it as well. NYFW has been a must-watch for many people worldwide in the last 75 years, and it seems like each year we learn something new. For instance, I never thought that those ugly dad sneakers would be back in fashion, but look at all of those Balenciaga’s and Chanel's at the moment, oh my! So, if you want to know what's going to be a huge trend in 2019, here is the ultimate 5: Hippy Designs If you are a fan of boohoo styles you will love what 2019 has in store for you. All the looks on the runway are very flowy, feathery, chunky, and off-the-shoulder with deep wide cuts on the sides

All About Platelet Rich Plasma

A lot of women lately have been talking about the Platelet-rich plasma, so I've decided to do my fair share of research regarding this subject. The PRP treatment (platelet-rich plasma) is a substance which helps with the healing properties of your face, skin, hair & body! It can help with cell growth by fixing any broken or damaged tissues. Sounds intriguing? Keep on reading! Why Use These Injections? Some scientists believe that PRP can be injected into your scalp and that it can help promote healthy & strong hair growth. Women who have been dealing with hair loss will benefit the most from this treatment. PRP can also help with damaged muscles and bone malfunctions and will help you heal f

Best Haircuts Of 2019

If you are still thinking about making some changes in the new year, how about you make one with your hair? Experimenting, playing around with colors, extensions, and interesting haircuts should be on your go-to list, especially during the first half of the year. In 2019, I can see a lot of hairstyles coming back in fashion. If you want to know what those are and what might suit you the best just scroll down! Long With Wispy Bangs Who Should Get This Cut? I usually encourage women who have long & healthy hair to spice up their look with some wispy bangs. No reason to cut it, if your hair is healthy and it is not prone to damage then you should enjoy and embrace these wispy bangs. They are mi

Top 4 Hair Trends In 2019

The Sassy Blowdry A fluffy and textured blowdry will be back in fashion. Also, besides this, you can expect to see a lot of bobs and fringe cuts, but with polished, shimmery, and sophisticated colors. Women will stay away from that monocolored or matte look and will embrace a shiny wavy bob cut. Glow Red Going red is never off limits! Burgundy, Fire Red, Red Violet the rich bold and bright reds are definitely a trend for 2019. Different shades of crimson, from subtle highlights to a red wine stain will make you stand out this year! Golden Suede A lot of cool biscuit tones, golden blondes, or golden suede will be a must-have and a luxury go-to for many women. Many hairstylists recommend this

Makeup in Fashion 2019

This year many designers have expressed their personal style & have shared their opinions & thoughts during the NY Fashion Week on what they believe is going to be a huge trend this year. If you are someone who likes to follow fashion, or you simply want to know what everyone else will be wearing in terms of makeup, keep on reading! Since Springtime is just around the corner many celebrities have advised that this time, believe it or not, you skip on applying your bronzer and some neutral shadows, paired along with coral lipstick. Let this oldie but a goldie trend step aside, while you turn to some other unique options. In fact, this year and especially around the Spring, we will be seeing a

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