How To Find The Perfect Red Lipstick

The current season means wearing red lipstick 5/7 days in a week, and I love it! This time of the year allows you to express your bold style, and many women love to reach for bright red colors, as well as burgundies! However, it can get tricky when you have to find the right undertone or the color which will make your teeth appear pearly white, which is why this article will help you with your daily struggles. Here is how to find the right tone of red based on your skin tone! What Is Your Undertone? Once you answer this question, you will be a step closer to finding the ideal red shade. You can have a cool undertone (which looks very pink all over your skin), or you can have a warm undertone

My Top 6 Tools That I Use For Hair Styling

Women often ask me what are my go-to hairstyling tools, and today, I will gladly share with you some of my holy grail items. These products will suit any hair type and will come in handy for your everyday hairstyling moments, but also for glam situations, just keep on reading! 1. Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer If you want to achieve volume and shine in one step I highly recommend this brush-like hair dryer. Thanks to its oval design I can easily create frizz-free curls starting at the root and going all the way down to the ends. Also, the fact that the brush works thanks to ionic technology is great because that means a lot less breakage, even for the most sensitive or brittle hair typ

Tom Ford Lip Colours

Playing around with several different lip colors at any given point is a must for me. Sometimes, I like to mix and match in order to get the perfect and ultimate lip shade. However, luckily & lately, I've been experiencing only the best with Tom Ford lipsticks. I find them to be smooth, long-lasting, and definitely vibrant. These are on a pricier side and are high-end, but will leave you with the most flattering finish. If you are thinking about purchasing one specific shade I can recommend even 10 of them, just keep on reading! My Ultimate Go-To 10 Tom Ford Lipstick Options When I do my own and my client's makeup, I find myself often reaching for: 1. London Suede This is a satin matte formu

Beauty Essentials When Travelling

During this time of the year people travel, a lot. Its the best time to gett away from the cold winters to warm beaches. I love it! However, sometimes, I tend to be a bit forgetful and I lose some of my go-to items. So, in order to prevent that from happening in the future, I've created my ultimate makeup & beauty travel essential list! This time you can get to your little paradise without forgetting your favorite nude lipstick! Or how about you confidently check into your hotel knowing that you will be able to resist their mini size shampoos because this time you brought your own? Best feeling ever. What I Recommend Cleanser You can't go anywhere without a good cleanser. I usually carry mic

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