What Eyeshadow Will Make Your Eyes Pop

Playing around with different colors is always fun, and is one of the main reasons why I love to do my client's makeup! Women often come to me thinking that nude and neutrals are the way to go, and I always encourage them to do a bit of a pop. Since eyes are the window to your soul, make sure yours is super fun, bright, and colorful! How? By choosing the perfect eyeshadow! Brown Eyes Women with brown eyes might often feel like they are excluded and not as special when it comes to makeup application. However, brown eyes are very versatile, and can look good with anything thrown on! I believe that brown eyes will pop the best with a sexy and sultry smoky eye. They usually look the best with so

The Perfect Makeup Look For Colder Days

As you switch to your winter clothes, make sure you also bring along your new makeup items! During Fall and Winter, rearranging some steps is crucial if you want to be left with hydrated skin, and attention-seeking makeup. This article will help you do your makeup fast, efficient, and appropriate for the season and these colder days! Makeup Look In 5 Steps 1. Skin Your skin might feel drier than the usual, that is why it is important to moisturize. Use your favorite daily moisturizer and follow it up with your luminous primer. Something that is tacky and shiny will suit every skin type the best. However, if your skin is super oily, you will have to set your face with a loose powder. If your

Fall Skincare Routine

Whenever the season changes so do our habits, as well as our everyday skincare and beauty routines! The cool weather makes its way in, and we have to dish out for our season appropriate items. Not only that we have to go through our warm and comfy jeans, sweaters, and scarfs, but we also have to invest in some other products in order to avoid having dry and flaky skin. So, if you and your skin want to look and feel your best, you should read the following article and 'fall' in love with some essentials for these colder days! Top 5 Perfect For Fall Skincare Treatments 1. Oil Based Scrub Adding some extra oils to our skincare routine is a definite must during the colder period. You should purc

Product Haul: Oribe Gold Lust Line

Something that's been saving mine and my client's hair lately has been the Oribe hair care line! I've discovered them just recently, although they have been around since 2008, believe it or not. Their formulas can hold the curl, as well as restore any broken pieces of hair! Also, I love the fact that they are gluten and cruelty-free, while all of their products smell so divine because they like to use a bit of fragrance! Although they are on a pricier side, I swear by them, and I highly recommend them for pretty much any hair damage/issue. If you want to use something new and if you are looking for new hair-care products, I've listed my top 3 choices down below! 1. Gold Lust Repair & Restore

The Perks Of a Messy Bun

The ultimate hair-do that women should do, in my opinion, at least once a week! This is a bulletproof solution which you can do at any given point of the day and for any event! When done the right way, a messy bun can look very sophisticated, chic, retro, or casual! You can rock it for a night out with the girls, when out on a fancy dinner, or even for your prom! Even Meghan Markle had a bun for her wedding, and who says you can't?! No matter the event, here is your guide on how to achieve the perfect messy bun! How To Make a Messy Bun If You Have Normal Hair? Step 1: Make sure you do it when your hair not just washed. You should aim for the second, third, or fourth day after not washing it

Beginner Friendly Smokey Eye

One of the most asked looks at the salon is definitely a sultry smokey eye. I personally love doing this on all women! Suits every eye shape, eye colour, and definitely any formal event. Throughout the years, I've learned some tips and tricks on how to make it easy and beginner friendly for everyone. If you wish to learn how to achieve a timelessly sexy and beautiful black or brown smokey eye, then keep on reading! 7 Steps To Your Perfect Smokey Eye 1. Prime Your Lid A smoky eye that can be wiped off in a second is the worst, and that is why you need a good base which allows the colour to settle into the crease and your fine lines. Purchase a primer that suits your skin type, or use a concea


For years now clients have been asking me what is it that I do to keep my polish looking even and un-chipped on a weekly basis. The truth is, I might be the laziest person when it comes to nail maintenance. Everyone thinks I spend several hours a week reapplying my polish, and I understand why someone would think that because I spend a majority of time washing hair and my makeup brushes at the salon. Overexposure to water can weaken your nails and definitely scrape your colour off; however, I found my solution with gel polishes. Why Go For A Gel Polish? One word: practical. This polish is the best option if you prefer low-maintenance, and if you don't mind wearing the same colour for a few w

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