Must-Have Hair Care Essentials When Travelling

When heading out of the house and going for a quick vacation, I always tend to double check my beauty bag. Sometimes, I admit, I do miss out on bringing an item or two, so I always strive to be as cautious as possible. Better safe than sorry, right? In most cases, I will forget my hair-care essentials, and not really any makeup item. So, in order to stop forgetting things, and in the hope of improving your travel experience as well, here are my ultimate top 5 hair care essentials! Shampoo & Conditioner The most basic and easy to forget items, I admit. I always carry both mini travel sizes when going away. I mostly take a hydrating shampoo and a good conditioner. I need my hair to look health

Different Types Of Bangs & How To Style Them

I remember getting bangs a few years back and I remember everyone around me going crazy about them! My friends, colleagues, and clients gave me so many compliments, and so I've realized that I had to share my experience, thoughts, and ideas about all different ways to style your bangs. I highly recommend getting them no matter your age, hair length, or hair color! If you are interested in getting them done any time soon, then keep on reading! Why Go With Bangs? I personally believe that they are one of the easiest and quickest ways for you to update your hair without doing much. Bangs can look chic and stylish, and you don't even need to cut your hair and lose any additional length beside th

5 Different Types Of Lipstick Finishes

Being a professional makeup artist for several years I must say that I've seen it all. Different types of lipsticks and lipstick finishes, as well as formulas and tubes/shapes. Also, I must confess that I love them all! However, when doing bridal makeup, prom makeup, or editorial, I always tend to reach for different types of lipsticks since not everything suits everyone just as well, and is not suitable for every event. If you want to find out what lipstick will suit you the best for your event - here is my ultimate guide! 1. Sheer Sheer coverage is usually something that women who love natural and soft makeup tend to ask for. Sheer lipsticks give out a simple day to day look, and are the p

How to Transform Your Hair Color Safely

One of the most exciting hair transformations you can experience is going from a dark color to a much lighter color, or from a natural color to a fashion color. A big color change is also one of the riskiest hair transformations. Here are five things you need to know before taking the leap. You need to pick the right colorist. Look for a hair colorist who is experienced in the exact hair color transformation you’re looking for. For example, if you have naturally black, thick hair, and you want to be platinum blonde, look for a stylist who has clients with your hair type and color in their portfolio. Make sure you have a consultation beforehand, not only for the colorist to familiarize themse

Different Types of Foundations

When purchasing your new foundation it really does get hard since the options are endless. Nowadays you have so many different types, kinds and brands, finishes, so it can get hard to stay on track. Luckily, due to my years and years of experience, I've learned a lot about proper application and a thing or two about different kinds, as well as what type suits whom the best. Gladly, I will share my knowledge with you right now. 6 Different Types 1. Compact Cushion Foundation This is not one of those highly used or popular kinds, and it is an old school foundation. Cushion comes in a compact form which, when dipped with a sponge or a brush, becomes very liquid and easy to spread around. Mostly

How To Curl Your Hair With a Flat Iron

This seems to be one of the hardest tasks for my clients since almost every second woman complains about not knowing how to achieve wavy and defined curls by using a flat iron. Women mostly complain to me about this issue because they see me achieving big and bouncy curls with a flat iron. I, personally, find it practical and simple, since I don't have to go back and forth between all other products and tools, and I still get the wanted outcome. If you want to know how I do it, then you are at a right place! Why You Can Use a Flat Iron For Your Curls I believe that straightened curls look a lot more modern and chic. By using a flat iron, I always get the elongated shape, while your everyday

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