2018 International Hair Trends

Everyone loves striking for diversity, especially women. Staying up to date with all the new trends in the makeup, hair and beauty industry can get hard and overwhelming, but you should always strike for modern and high fashion looks. In 2018, many different hairstylist and models have inspired women worldwide to step out of their comfort zone and go for some of the most popular hair ideas. Here are our top 10 favorites! #1: USA During 2018 a lot of models have styled blonde highlights. Stars such as Gigi Hadid and Kerry Washington have shown off their blonde highlights and their bob haircuts, and have inspired women into doing this runway-ready hairstyle a lot more. #2: France The messy fea

Nutrition & Beauty Part II

I've previously shared with you some of my tips & tricks about food that can enhance your beauty. I’ve also listed some of the most crucial supplies that you should strike to intake on an everyday basis if you want to look and feel your best. I, personally, love the quote ''True beauty is the beauty from within '', which many of my close friends know about me. This basically means that the better we eat, act, behave, and live our life to the fullest, that we will truly ''glow'' on the outside. Achieving this glow is fairly easy, as long as you know where and what to eat. So, if you are still interested in finding out some other ''must'' foods and vitamins, I've listed the next 8 down below!

Fall Winter 2018 Hair Color Trends

Every year as the weather cools, we see hair colors go darker and richer. For Fall and Winter 2018 we’re anticipating the following shifts i

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