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Haircut Near Me

How Often to Get a Haircut Near Me

Knowing how often to get a haircut near me will depend on your hair goals and the chemical processes your hair goes through.
Long Hair: If you hair is long and you want to keep it long then you need regular cuts to keep it looking healthy. Long hair can be susceptible to breakage and appearing thinner. Long hair should be trimmed every eight to 12 weeks. If you notice more split ends then you can do it more frequently.
Medium Length: The same rules for getting a haircut near me apply for medium hair. If you like the length of your hair then a trim every six to eight weeks means your hair will stay at your preferred length.
Short Hair: If you want to keep your short hair then you need to cut it more often to keep it fresh. This may require a trim every four weeks.
If you are growing your hair out, you still need trims. Haircuts don’t make your hair grow faster but instead prevent your hair from suffering from breakage.