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Hair Stylist

If you are trying to find the right hair stylist near me, the first step is to ask around. If you spot a ,color or a cut you love on a friend ask them where they go and who they see. Also be sure to know who referred you so the stylist can understand your aesthetic.
Book a blowout. This is the best way to test out a hair stylist near me without a commitment. Do some research once you have some salons in mind. Look up reviews online and see what kinds of services they offer. Use social media to your advantage. See pictures of a stylist's work. Bring photos. Point out what you like about the look to the stylist you are working with. When you are working on finding a new hairstyle, it’s not the best time to experiment. You want to build up trust and get into a groove. Your relationship with your hair stylist should be treated like any new relationship.

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