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Hair Extensions

What to Know Before You Get Hair Extensions

Getting hair extensions in Hicksville, NY, can give you full, long hair that you want but there are some things you should know.
Consider Your Lifestyle: Tape-in extensions are great for beginners and can last for up to eight weeks. However, if you do a lot of exercise, tape-ins may not be the best options. If you want to change your hair color often or change up your hair then the tape-ins are a good option because they aren’t in there for as long. Keratin bonded extensions last for three months or more and are great for those who do a lot of exercise.

Image by Kristina Petrick

 Get the Right Color Match: Being an off shade will be a giveaway that you have extensions. The best way to color match is with the ends, not the roots.    


Get Quality: While the synthetic extensions are the most affordable, you want to get the best quality so that it’s the closest thing to your real hair.

Image by Velizar Ivanov
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