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Image by kyle smith

Choosing a Hair Color

In order to choose a hair color, you need to understand your skin tone. You can do this by looking at the veins in your wrist. If you see greenish veins then you have warm undertones. If you see purple or blue, this means you have more cool tones. You can also do so with the flecks in your eyes. If you see gray or blue it means cool and if you see hazel or golden it means warm. A combination indicates neutral.
Warm skin tones will go better with a warm hair color. If you want to go lighter then choose a pinky blonde or a golden beige. For those who have warm skin tones and want to go brunette, choose a butterscotch or caramel color. For redheads, try golden copper colors.
For cool skin tones, a platinum blond is best. For brunettes, an espresso or dark chocolate color is right. For those who want to go with red shades, burgundy and merlot can work.



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