What to expect on your next visit with Sara & Odete

We wanted to reach out to all of you about the changes and what to expect when you visit us for your next appointment. 

But, before we go into all those details, we just want to say.. 

We miss you ladies! We miss our stories, laughter, our discussions and most of all our secrets. They told us that we aren't essential, but the one thing that we have learned, as hairdressers is that we ARE essential.. Our connection is essential. With all that women have to go through, whether it's work stress, family, annoying spouses, whatever it is we have to deal with yesterday, today and tomorrow.. getting our hair done actually makes us feel healthy mentally and physically. We hairdressers are very essential however, we were just not essential at the time. I know many of you have been very patient to get your hair done. Many of you tried the at home kits we mailed out, that was fun.. Wasn't it? I'm sure many of you have resorted to the box as well or even had your spouse help you apply your color, I know I did! 

I want you to all know, whatever service you need to get you back to your normal, Odete and I will can't wait to get you all back there or even looking and feeling better!!


So.. What to expect when you visit our salon?

Since the mandatory statewide closure due to COVID-19, I want to assure you that we are taking the health and safety of our clients, and each other very seriously as we reopen the salon. There are many new safety precautions and sanitation measures that we are implementing. 


You can book your appointments online at or with me via text or call to us at 516.409.5874.

  • All clients will be required to wear a mask while at the salon. Your stylist may also be wearing eye protection for further safety precautions. If you do not have a mask, you may purchase one. You will find a sterilized mask in a box with gloves right on my makeup station, along with hand sanitizers and alcohol you may use as much as you need to feel safe and comfortable. 


  • Please arrive on-time for your appointment and allow an additional 5-10 minutes for check-in. We are trying very hard to make sure we do not crowd the salon. If you are late, please let us know, we might have to reschedule you or have you wait in the car till your turn is up. 

Please note that most of you will need color correction or a complete color makeover since it's been so long since your last appointment or fixing boxed color. If your appointment takes longer than what you are scheduled for we might not have time for blowouts at the end of your appointment. We will adjust as we go.


  • Please come to your appointment alone (no extra guests or children) just for the time being. 

  • Leave your handbags, in your car or at home, take only with you what you need. 


  • If you are doing any chemical services, Make sure to wear or bring an old shirt that can allow stains. We will be using disposable capes, and unfortunately those aren't as stain proof.



We will be working alternate days with other stylist. This is to ensure your safety. There might be a day or two where we have no choice but to work on the same day, but we will both maintain the number of people allowed in the salon. You might receive a phone call or text to wait in your car till you are called in. If you didn't receive this call or text, feel free to come into the salon. Wait by the door and Odete or I will greet you and make sure you are seated at least 6ft apart from other guests. 


You will also be asked to sign a liability waiver prior to your service. If you wish to read and print the waiver in advance, you may download it from our website. The document will appear in a new window.

  • You may bring with you a sealed beverage, but unfortunately we aren't allowed to serve you from our coffee station. 

  • We will continue to practice social distancing of 6 feet in the salon (except between you and I or Odete during your service).


Everyone is required to wear a mask while in the salon and to wash/sanitize hands before your appointment.
If you have difficulty breathing we can take breaks by going outside or let Odete and I know and we can reserve one of the treatment rooms that isn't being used to seat you. If you cannot wear the mask at all, please let us know so we can book you at a time when there will be no other clients in the salon. 

Also, if you have any concerns where you wish to reserve private salon appointments, we can book them for you at an additional fee in the salon or you are more than welcome to come to my home studio for no fee. 


Odete and I are following and will be following strict sanitation and disinfecting procedures all day long. These procedures include but are not limited to frequent hand washing, disinfecting chairs, styling stations, our tools, disinfecting door handles and knobs, restrooms, and all high touch areas. Capes and smocks are one-time use only, per client.


Please keep your personal items to a minimum and may ask you to disinfect your phone (or any other items sitting out) with a wipe.


As much as we want to hug you all.. Hugging and handshaking and anything other than the required contact to provide your service should be avoided at this time.


For the time being we will not be accepting credit cards. Cash or Checks Only.



Everything is changing around us, We are licensed professionals and since we are in contact with people we take sanitation very seriously. Our cost of business has gone up, and we need to be sure that it covers the cost of the new changes and demands given to us by the state. Therefore, there will be a $5 increase to all services. This is to ensure we take the time and materials to make our salon safe for you. 

If you have an underlying health condition we ask that you wait at least 14 days to return to the salon.  In addition, if you have been ill or around someone who has been ill, please wait 14 days to reschedule your appointment.


Ladies, Thank you for your patience while we have been closed. We know it’s been a while since we’ve communicated with you, but unfortunately information has been given to us is changing daily and we weren’t able to make a solid plan till now. We’re getting our information from the Governor and other Regulatory Agencies.