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Tips for Bridal Makeup

Your bridal makeup is important for your big day so you want to make sure you avoid as many blunders as possible.
Take Your Wedding Season into Consideration: A bride should tailor the foundation to the elements you will be in during the wedding. If it’s winter, you want a foundation that won’t be too flat or dry and if it’s summer, you don’t want something that will get shiny too fast.
Choose a Lipstick You Are Comfortable Wearing: The lip is important and you want something that will stay on all day. If you use a combination of lipsticks for the look, have at least one with you so you can do touch ups.
Do a Trial: Many makeup artists will do a bridal makeup trail prior to the big day. This gives you a chance to try different looks so you are confident.
Choose Waterproof: Everything should be waterproof, from your foundation to your mascara.

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